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A collection of Freehold Games's developers' talks relating to Caves of Qud at various venues.

Procedural Generation

Jason and Brian present an end-to-end walk-through of the systems used to generate villages in Caves of Qud, which include their own histories, cultures, architectural styles, storytelling traditions, NPCs, and quests.

Wave Function Collapse

Brian talks about dungeon generation using WFC, an algorithm that uses a small bitmap image to build a larger image.

History Generation

Jason talks about how the history of 5 sultans are procedurally generated every game.

Another talk of history, 1 year after the last one.

Jason talks about using Markov Chaining method to generate white books and titles. Contains spoilers for finding the Ruin of House Isner!


Brian talks about AI in both Caves of Qud and Sproggiwood (a game also made by Freehold Games)

Entity Component System

Brian talks about data driven design and Caves of Qud. A must watch if you're interested in modding the game, since this is how all objects are structured.

Community Management

Community manager Ivy talks about the development of the game's community from the ground up.

Caelyn, narrative designer for several quest lines, talks about improving accessibility and introducing beginners to roguelikes, with a special guest.



Jason talks about the aesthetics of bugs and edge cases.