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Start (dialogue is chosen randomly from these phrases)

[ Esbear ]

Oh. Yes, hello.


Hmm? Oh. Hello there friend.

I am thinking about starapples.

I am considering meat.

I am pondering honey.

I do so love apple matz.

Perhaps I would like. A bowl of The Porridge.

Spiced cider. Would hit the spot. Would it not?

Mah lah soup. With extra matz. I would like this please.

When next we camp. It might be nice to have apples and honey. What do you think?

Have you met the bear? Who lives in still water? It is terribly shy. But seems friendly enough.

I think my least favorite thing. Is when a worm gets in your ear.

Ptoh! ... Oh! Sorry. I ate a leaf. And had to spit it out.

Do you ever just. Want to go? East and South?

For all of the intricacies of the mind. Who can resist? A delicious meal?

It has been a while since our last meal, no?

I do not like. To bite anyone. I am a seeker? Of the biteless way.
It is nice to journey, but it is also nice to rest.

The truth is, I only relieve myself in the woods if I am in the woods. I am not always in the woods.

Most espers I meet are terribly unfriendly. It is a shame. We could share water, and honey, and all would be well.

I once traveled over a mountain. Believing I would see something. That I had not seen before. Once past the summit. I was disappointed to find. That the other side? Of the mountain? Bore a striking resemblance. To the one I'd just left. What is the purpose of mountains?

1) Live and drink, Esbear. [End]