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The official Caves of Qud Discord server is where the majority of wiki coordination occurs, led by the Trash Monks, the core wiki team. Here is the invite link. Please wait patiently to be admitted; there is generally a status message at the bottom of #code-of-conduct.

Once admitted, you will have access to #wiki-discussion. Here you may do such things as ask for help with editing the wiki, bring technical problems to the Trash Monks' attention, and request feedback on changes you've made or are planning to make.

You may also request to become a Trash Monk, which allows access to the #trash-divining channel and certain other privileges. There are no fixed conditions for requesting this, however, we would like to get to know you on the Discord before granting it, so consider requesting it after being active for a few months. You can still help with almost anything wiki-related even without the role.