Shale wall with topaz deposits

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shale wall with topaz deposits
Shale wall with topaz deposits.png

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Corpse Dropped

Rough topaz gemstone.pngrough topaz gemstone (4%)

Spawns in


Extra info:
shale wall with topaz deposits

A wall of crumbling shale with topaz deposits.


A rare type of wall that has a chance to drop Rough topaz gemstone.pngrough topaz gemstones when destroyed.

Mining Mechanics

This section is an excerpt from Shale wall with agate deposits#Mining Mechanics.

Many zones have a primary wall type that is used to build all of the walls in the zone. So if you are lucky enough to find a zone built from shale walls with topaz deposits, you are likely to find a large number of these walls in that zone. Rough gemstones can be obtained in bulk by mining (destroying) the walls; each piece of wall has a 4% chance to drop a gemstone when it is destroyed. It takes time to mine a large number of walls, but Burrowing claws mutation.pngBurrowing Claws, a Pickaxe.pngpickaxe, or a Nanopneumatic jackhammer.pngnanopneumatic jackhammer can speed up the process. Consider using the auto-attack keybind (Ctrl+A by default) to mine each wall segment until destroyed.