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This template defines the table "Factions". View table.

visible if the faction is visible in game. defaults to yes. only shows up if this is set to no. yes/no
baserep player's initial rep integer, defaults to 0
feelings feelings about other factions. please declare with Template:Faction feelings for each faction. Template:Faction feelings
buyinterests what secrets they like to hear. List separated by ,
sellintersts what secrets they like to share. List separated by ,
ritualskill the skill taught in water ritual. string
recipe the recipe taught in water ritual. string
id the faction Name="__" in factions.xml string
reciperep reputation needed for recipe integer
skillrep reputation needed for skill (defaults to skill cost in SP) Integer
ritualliquid the liquid used in water ritual with legendaries of this faction. Defaults to Water String
parentfaction what this faction inherits from string


| id = highly entropic beings
| title= highly entropic beings
| ritualliquid=Neutron Flux
| baserep=0
| feelings={{faction feelings|Others|0|faction}}
| buyinterests=everything