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title specifies the title of the chat box. defaults to pagename in off white (&y)
text the text that is automatically parsed. auto determines whether to use XML parsing or not.
bottomtext The text that appears on the bottom of the border. defaults to Perfect in white (&Y). setting it to 'none' makes it disappear entirely.
bordercolor if = y, change the border to offwhite(&y). defaults to Cyan. (&C)
lineheight takes a float and changes line height to that in em. defaults to 1.5em.
padding left padding. defaults to 0em.


hindren villager

Four deer legs paw nervously at the ground while human hands clutch the haft of a vinereaper. This creature's expressive face and muscular torso show a clear human lineage, but the thick fur over dappled flanks, the flickering, pointed ears, and the majestic antlers atop =pronouns.possessive= head tell a different story.