Step sowers

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step sowers
Charge per Use

25 Solar cell: 100 usesFidget cell: 100 usesLead-acid cell: 160 usesCombustion cell: 240 usesChem cell: 400 usesThermoelectric cell: 1600 usesBiodynamic cell: 2400 usesNuclear cell: 4000 usesAntimatter cell: 8000 usesMecha power core: 20000 uses

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Tinker II

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boot, general



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Step Sowers

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Extra Info:
step sowers

The ankle is cinched by a leather strap and goldleaf buckle; crushed plant matter soils the soles.


When powered and activated, step sowers create a wall of plant matter behind the player with each step.[1] Plant matter is a fairly weak wall that can usually be destroyed by the player in a single hit. However, it can be effective to block enemies who typically won't try to break the walls and may not be able to find a way around them.

A power switch allows the wearer to activate or deactivate a pair of step sowers at will, which is an action that costs only 100 action points (one-tenth of a standard turn).[2]

Step sowers are similar to 3D cobblers, which might be considered a more advanced variant of this item.


This information is reliable as of patch
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