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!!Currently only for use for objects in the tables: ItemsTable, Food, Corpses, Characters, Locations. All possible items can be found here: Special:CargoTables/GeneralData. If an item is missing, please let User:Teamtoto know.


Used similar to regular wikipage linking syntax. First argument takes name of the page and will pull the image from that item. This is not case sensitive!


Stopsvalinn.pngStopsvalinn If you want to use the wiki's page name instead, see Template:Favilink page. For the ObjectBlueprint id (which IS case sensitive), use Template:Favilink id.

Optional Parameters

You can use the following values as the second argument:

plural pluralizes the item name while preserving the color formatting.
{{favilink |antimatter cell|plural}}

Antimatter cell.pngantimatter cells

possessive makes the item name possessive while preserving the color formatting.
{{favilink | Q Girl | possessive}}

Q girl.pngQ Girl's

displayname-tooltip-override makes the hover tooltip equal to the display name for items whose display name doesn't match their page name, such as cybernetics credit wedge 1¢. This is probably only needed in special locations where part of the favilink can get truncated, such as in the Character infobox's Inventory list.
{{favilink | cybernetics credit wedge 1¢ | displayname-tooltip-override}}

Compare to tooltip when this parameter is not specified:

prefix:<prefix> Prepends a prefix to the name, which can include qud text color styles.
{{favilink | mental aggregator | prefix:&ylant&Ye&Wr&Yn&yed}}

Mental aggregator.pnglanterned mental aggregator

<any other value> completely overrides the name shown in the favilink to whatever argument specified.
{{favilink|torch|A &Rreally&y spicy meatball}}

Torch.pngA really spicy meatball