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Pokedragonboy, Fandom Admin and pariah to his people

An old admin who migrated to Gamepedia from's Caves of Qud wiki, in the days before the two became one.

He hopes in his heart that this migration will be the last one.


Things to Do

A list of crackpot ideas and unfinished tasks near and dear to my heart. Vary *widely* in scope and feasibility.

Adding to pages

  • Add to the Achievements page
  • Add more methods to Making Money
    • Item processing exploits (for example, buying cheap starapples and converting them into valuable starapple jam)
  • Add info about the devs somewhere
  • Add clear representations about how big x radius is somewhere
  • Add something to the natural weapon pages. Possibly something auto-generated? Ask a person more knowledgeable in cargo/wikimedia about this.
  • Add legendary merchant wares tables to all the merchant pages

Creating pages

  • Create a page for the game's music (Piracy/copyright issues?)
  • Create a Mutants page to go along with the existing True Kin page
  • Create a general Special Techniques guide to cover all the little tricks and techniques in the game which are too small for their own guide
    • Drop-dragging
  • Write a guide on which two pieces of Ape Fur equipment are best to be worn
  • Write a guide on what loot to carry for optimal value:weight ratios
  • Write a guide on dealing with psychic assassins

Porting pages

  • Port some of the lore pages from the fandom wiki
  • Port the nice beginner's guide from the fandom wiki
  • Create / port the Glossary page from the fandom wiki

Adding Images

  • Reupload more (losslessly) compressed versions of all the images I have uploaded so far
  • Add a full image of a becoming nook (that is, an image including the walls and cybernetics rack which appear alongside the nook itself)
  • Add various images of mutations being used


  • Create auto-favilink/text coloring bot (will need to heavily brush up on my python knowledge)
  • Continue work on the clickable world map
    • This is currently on pause, as there was some discussion of clickable biomes being more of a hassle than a help
  • Propose new design for home page? (Using image links?)
  • Take a detailed look through the various templates.
  • Un-Jank the pseudo-categories on Category:Guides
  • Find out exactly how gases work, then make a page explaining them. (what is density, how do they spread, etc)
  • Create and propose a general template for what info should be on creature pages and how it should be laid out
  • Figure out what is up with chefs, their cookbooks, and their ovens (A cookbook is not in their wares table, but they always have one. And they always seem to appear with an oven nearby, though I cannot find out what causes that)
  • Figure out what is up with boar meat and beetle meat being possibly unobtainable (they seemingly cannot be butchered from anything)
    • I fixed this one (corpse pages needed a manual update) Egocarib (talk) 18:07, 13 February 2021 (UTC)