Palladium strut with coral growth

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palladium strut with coral growth


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Coral and Palladium Strut

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palladium strut with coral growth

Bow polyps colonize the cylindrical topology of the lattice and pattern out an orthogonal neighborhood in a network of life.


Palladium struts with coral growth are a terrain feature found in the Palladium reef 1.pngPalladium Reef, along with their similar counterpart, Palladium strut.pngpalladium struts. Walking over a palladium strut with coral growth will pluck the Coral polyp.pngcoral polyp from the strut, which has a 1:500 chance of revealing a Swollen bulb.pngswollen bulb containing 1 dram of Sunslag.pngsunslag. Once plucked, polyps will not grow back.[1][2]

Excerpt from In Maqqom Yd

I spent another week's cycle sketching the autochthones of the coral arcology and taking studious notes. But one final experience stays with me. As I was trudging back north toward the bush and out of the Reef, I kicked a polyp off the trellis and unearthed by chance a swollen bulb of sunslag. Here I took a moment to squeeze the bright nectar into a phial, and when I once again looked up, I was met with the ageless stare of a galgal. Nothing had prepared me for it. My mind labored to make sense of what it was seeing: gleaming wheels whipped about a hypnotic core, the spokes' prisms pulled apart the light of the High Salt Sun, and across the stretched sheet of iris, many eyes stared. Consciously I was paralyzed, but some instinctual catalyst did its work, and I backed into the safety of the polyp maze and sped out.


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