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village merchant
Village merchant.png

village merchant

Come. Browse my wares, friend.

A horned chameleon village merchant

A village merchant is a somewhat rare trader that can appear in procedurally-generated villages.


Broadly speaking, villages have the following merchant-related generation features:

  • The player's starting village has a 100% chance to include a Dromad trader.pngdromad trader. It will never include a village merchant[1][2]
  • All other procedurally-generated villages have a 30% chance to include a trader of any kind. If a village does generate with a trader:[2]
    • There is an 80% chance for that trader to be a dromad trader.
    • There is a 20% chance for that trader to be a village merchant generated from a random member of the village. This is the type of merchant described on this wiki page.


  • Village merchants will always have a yellow primary color. This is the same primary color used by named village members that do not have another village role.[2][3]
  • Village merchants will also have a +3 bonus to their Ego stat.[3]


Village merchants are unique for the potentially large amount of stock that they carry. Their total amount of stock can be up to three times the amount of stock carried by a Dromad trader.pngdromad traders.

The merchant's inventory will be composed of all of the following:[2]

  • A full set of items from Tier{X}Wares, where X equals the village's regional zone tier.
  • If the village is in a world map tier of 2 or higher, the merchant will also have a full set of items from Tier{X-1}Wares.
  • If the village is in a world map tier of 3 or higher, the merchant will also have a full set of items from Tier{X-2}Wares.

For example, a merchant in a Deathlands.pngDeathlands village will have a full set of combined wares from Tier5Wares, Tier4Wares, and Tier3Wares.


This information is reliable as of patch
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