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Template that allows auto linking of a list by a specified delimiter.Usage:

{{Consecutive links|Joppa, Kyakukya, Grit Gate}}

Joppa, Kyakukya, Grit Gate

The delimiter defaults to ,(ignoring white space) if not specified, and splits it by , if that wants to change, then a delimiter can be specified in a second argument:

{{Consecutive links|Joppa/Kyakukya/Grit Gate|/|/}}

Joppa/Kyakukya/Grit Gate

Additionally, you can use the 4th and 5th parameters to specify an overall prefix and an overall postfix to the string that is returned.

{{Consecutive links|Joppa/Kyakukya/Grit Gate|/|<div class{{=}}"example"></div>|<div class{{=}}"example">|</div>}}

(Joppa-Kyakukya-Grit Gate)

Moreover, you can use parameters 6th and 7th to add stuff before and after inside of the links.

{{consecutive links|Blade, Weapon, Long Blade|,|, |||:Category:| Mods}}

Category:Blade Mods, Category:Weapon Mods, Category:Long Blade Mods

Last but not least! You can use parameters 8th and 9th to add text before the actual link

{{consecutive links|Cooking and Gathering,Harvestry,Bow and Rifle,--Steady Hands,--Draw a Bead,Wilderness Lore: Jungles|,|3=</div><div>|4=<div>|5=</div>|8=--|9=<span> » </span>}}

Cooking and Gathering
Bow and Rifle
 » Steady Hands
 » Draw a Bead
Wilderness Lore: Jungles