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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
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Moon Stair



Chavvah is a community and village built in the branches of the roaming tree of Chavvah. Deep in the Moon Stair lies Eyn Roj, and once attuned to the chiming rock found there the true location of Chavvah is revealed for some time. The true location of Chavvah 'roams' around, moving to a random parsang in the moon stair every few weeks or so, at which point one must re-attune to find it. Unlike other settlements, Chavvah is split between 4 strata, with each new level reaching ever higher into the sky. Falling off can be disastrous. Most of Chavvah itself is the large crystalline trunk encasing the spiral stair cases that are used to transverse it, with small branches and foliage being the only surface to walk on. These branches are home to a large family of dream wrens, the villagers themselves, and a surprising amount of furniture and artworks. Unlike many other settlements there is no true mayor or warden, although there still is a member of the consortium.


Most of Chavvah is composed of crystalline trunk, crystalline taproot, dense crystal leaves, and marble walkways. Each level is centered around a Crystalline trunk with two spiral stairs, one leading up and one leading down (except of course the top and bottom levels which just have one).


When Chavvah appears in a map tile, the large circle 20 tiles wide of crystalline trunk is placed in the exact center of the map, replacing all other objects in that area. More testing is needed to see if anything is lost forever or if all items will return once Chavvah moves on. Within the trunk is a small room with a spiral stair leading up.

Strata 1

On the north western branch lies a small kitchen complete with a Crystal oven, a hookah, several floor cushions, and even a catch basin. Nestled in amongst them is Thicksalt who can teach the recipe Crystal Delight.

To the east lies 2 painted columns between which lies Dyvvrach.

Strata 2

In the north east there's a crystalline branch holding an eclectic collection of objects and Tikva. A hammered dulcimer, a chair, a brass foaminator, 2 vases, a statue and a plant in ornate pot can all be found here.

To the norh west, amongst a field of crystal flowers lies Santalalotze, along with several empty woven baskets, an empty chest, and a canvas folding chair. Santalalotze is one of few restocking tier 8 merchants that have a guaranteed spawn.

There's an abandoned workshop to the south west, complete with a chair, workbench, lathe, and an armillary sphere.

To the east lies a solitary ornate bench

Strata 3

To the south east lies a freshly abandoned artists home. In addition to the quest important still crystal chime, there are two paintings, two light sculptures, 2 mannequins, a chest, the unique brain sculpture and unfinished sculpture. It seems like this was Tau's home and that they were an avid sculptor.

In the north east is Tammuz who sits across from an ornate bench. Besides them is 2 statue of implanted Eater, a vase, an alchemist's table, and a flux gauge.

To the north west lies _ amongst several floor cushions, a hookah, a hammock and the unique and beautiful starmchair.

In the south west is Miryam and their harp.

Unique Characters



This information is reliable as of patch