Zetachrome lune

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zetachrome lune
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Zetachrome Lune

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11 Acid

11 Electrical

11 Cold

11 Heat

zetachrome lune

Quark-gluon plasma rapidly cooled and was extinguished on the voidpeaks of the early universe, except where the globules got trapped in 6D kinks of spacetime. There they glided in the slipstream for billions of years until beings discovered them, built machines to extract and cool them, and reheat them in their stellar furnaces.

+11 Heat Resistance
+11 Cold Resistance
+11 Electrical Resistance
+11 Acid Resistance


The zetachrome lune is the highest-tier body armor available in Caves of Qud.

It is the only body armor of tier 8. It has the highest ♦AV of any worn equipment, and is among the best equipment in terms of total resistances.

Because of its high tier, it can be difficult to find unless one is exploring deep underground.