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List of Cybernetics

Name Cost Slots Destroy on remove? Arcologies that start
with this cybernetic
dermal plating 3 Body,Head,Back no DermalPlating
dermal insulation 2 Body,Head,Back yes General DermalInsulation
optical bioscanner 1 Face no General BiologicalIndexer
optical technoscanner 1 Face no General TechnologicalIndexer
force modulator 1 Hands,Feet,Body,Back,Face,Arm,Head no ForceModulator
night vision 2 Face no General NightVision
hyper-elastic ankle tendons 2 Feet no General HyperElasticAnkleTendons
parabolic muscular subroutine 2 Arm no General ParabolicMuscularSubroutine
cherubic visage 1 Face no Artifex, Consul, Praetorian, Eunuch CherubicVisage
translucent skin 2 Body,Back no General TranslucentSkin
stabilizer arm locks 2 Arm no General StabilizerArmLocks
rapid release finger flexors 2 Hands no General RapidReleaseFingerFlexors
carbide hand bones 2 Hands no General CarbideHandBones
fullerite hand bones 4 Hands no FulleriteHandBones
crysteel hand bones 8 Hands no CrysteelHandBones
pentaceps 2 Feet no General Pentaceps
transparent skin 3 Body,Back no TransparentSkin
bionic hands 3 Hands no BionicHands
bionic arm 3 Arm no BionicArm
ultra-elastic ankle tendons 3 Feet no UltraElasticAnkleTendons
beautiful visage 3 Face no BeautifulVisage
dopamine synth 3 Head no DopamineSynth
bionic heart 3 Body no BionicHeart
giant hands 3 Hands no GiantHands
communications interlock 2 Hands,Feet,Body,Back,Face,Arm,Head no CommunicationsInterlock
security interlock 3 Hands,Feet,Body,Back,Face,Arm,Head yes SecurityInterlock
intravenous port 3 Hands,Feet,Body,Back,Face,Arm,Head no IntravenousPort
high-grade dermal insulation 3 Body,Head,Back yes HighGradeDermalInsulation
motorized treads 4 Feet no MotorizedTreads
inflatable axons 2 Head no General InflatableAxons
nocturnal apex 2 Head no Priest of All Suns, Priest of All Moons, Syzygyrior, Horticulturist NocturnalApex
electromagnetic sensor 1 Head,Face,Back,Body,Feet,Arm,Hands no ElectromagneticSensor
matter recompositer 3 Body no MatterRecompositer
air current microsensor 2 Body,Head no Child of the Deep, Child of the Wheel, Child of the Hearth, Fuming God-Child AirCurrentMicrosensor
custom visage 3 Face yes CustomVisage
gun rack 4 Back no GunRack
cathedra with sapphire tracery 12 Back no CathedraSapphire
cathedra with ruby tracery 12 Back no CathedraRuby
cathedra with white opal tracery 12 Back no CathedraWhiteOpal
cathedra with black opal tracery 12 Back no CathedraBlackOpal
skillsoft (low SP) 1 Head no SingleSkillsoft1
skillsoft (medium SP) 2 Head no SingleSkillsoft2
skillsoft (high SP) 3 Head no SingleSkillsoft3
skillsoft plus 8 Head no TreeSkillsoft
Schemasoft (low-tier) 2 Head yes Schemasoft2
Schemasoft (mid-tier) 3 Head yes Schemasoft3
Schemasoft (high-tier) 4 Head yes Schemasoft4
equipment rack 3 Body no EquipmentRack
bionic liver 3 Body no Cyberliver
pneumatic pistons 2 Feet no PneumaticPistons
reactive cranial plating 2 Head no ReactiveCranialPlating
high-fidelity matter recompositer 8 Body no HighFidelityMatterRecompositer
anomaly fumigator 3 Hands,Feet,Body,Back,Face,Arm,Head no AnomalyFumigator
phase harmonic modulator 2 Hands,Feet,Body,Back,Face,Arm,Head no PhaseHarmonicModulator
penetrating radar 6 Body,Back,Head,Face,Arm no PenetratingRadar
navigation system 1 Head,Arm,Hands,Body,Back no NavigationSystem
reactive trauma plate 4 Body no ReactiveTraumaPlate
micromanipulator array 5 Hands no MicromanipulatorArray
onboard recoiler 4 Hands,Feet,Body,Back,Face,Arm,Head no OnboardRecoiler
biodynamic power plant 6 Body no BiodynamicPowerPlant
fire suppression system 2 Head,Body,Back no FireSuppressionSystem
anchor spikes 2 Feet no AnchorSpikes
medassist module 3 Body,Back,Arm no MedassistModule
palladium electrodeposits 3 Head,Body,Back,Arm no PalladiumElectrodeposits
tibular hydrojets 1 Feet yes TibularHydrojets
optical multiscanner 8 Face no OpticalMultiscanner
magnetic core 4 Body no MagneticCore
skin glitter 1 Face,Arm,Head,Hands,Feet no SkinGlitter1
skin glitter (high-tier) 2 Back,Body no SkinGlitter2
stasis projector 6 Head,Arm,Hands,Body,Back no StasisProjector
social coprocessor 8 Head no SocialCoprocessor
grounding shunts 2 Feet no GroundingShunts