Rapid release finger flexors

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rapid release finger flexors
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[Implant] - rapid release finger flexors

Neuronically charged tissue sheaths transmit the will faster than what cell biology had achieved.

You fire pistols 25% faster.

Target body parts: Hands
License points: 2
Only compatible with True Kin genotypes

Cybernetic Info
License point cost




Destroyed when removed


This cybernetic decreases the action cost of firing pistols by 25%, allowing the user to fire pistols four times per three rounds (rather than a fifth time every four rounds as one might assume per its description), assuming no relevant skills. However, if one does have Fastest Gun in the Rust, its reduction stacks multiplicatively, for a 43.75% reduction in pistol action cost; this amounts to firing pistols almost twice as fast as one would without either the cybernetic or the skill. [1]

Additionally, if the user is a True Kin who has somehow acquired an extra set of organic hands, it stacks with itself additively, allowing for a 50% reduction with two sets and up to 62.5% with Fastest Gun In The Rust. While a reduction of 100% (which would make the action cost of firing pistols 0, allowing for as many shots to be fired in a turn as the weapon has ammo/charge loaded for) is theoretically possible with four or more of this cybernetic, there is no way for a Becoming Nook-eligible body to gain that many pairs of organic hands.

The lowest possible action cost is achieved with two of this implant, Fastest Gun In The Rust, and Empty the Clips active. With all those, shooting a pistol only costs 187 action points (an 81.3% reduction), for over 5 shots per round before quickness modifiers.


This information is reliable as of patch
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