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Items are objects scattered throughout Qud that can be worn, equipped, activated, or even consumed.

All Items by Category

Items(21 C, 29 P)
Applicators(6 P)
Books(25 P)
Corpses(1 C, 88 P)
Cybernetics(59 P)
Energy Cells(1 C, 5 P)
Equipment(13 C, 3 P)
Food(1 C, 68 P)
Furniture(5 C, 119 P)
Light Sources(21 P)
Liquid Containers(13 P)
Quest Items(21 P)
Recoilers(11 P)
Scrap(26 P)
Security Cards(9 P)
Statues(1 C, 12 P)
Tokens(4 P)
Tools(11 P)
Trade Goods(1 C, 16 P)
Trinkets(4 P)
Weapons(5 C)

Items Search

Food has its own table. To search food, check Food.

Item ID Category
Item ID Category
Acid gas grenade mk I AcidGasGrenade1
Acid gas grenade mk II AcidGasGrenade2
Acid gas grenade mk III AcidGasGrenade3
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. I: The Sunderlies Across1 Books
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. II: Athenreach Across2 Books
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. III: Oth, the Free City Across3 Books
Advanced toolkit Advanced Toolkit Tools
Advertisement MerchantAdvertisement Books Stubs
Air current microsensor AirCurrentMicrosensor
Air well Air Well Furniture
Albino ape heart Albino Ape Heart Corpses
Albino ape pelt Albino Ape Pelt Corpses Items
Albino monkey braid Albino Monkey Braid Cloaks Pages_with_no_description
Alchemist's table Alchemist Table Furniture
Amaranthine prism Cyclopean Prism
Amaranthine prism Cyclopean Prism Floating_Nearby Unique_items
Amber-tipped staff Amber-Tipped Staff
Anchor spikes AnchorSpikes
Anomaly fumigator AnomalyFumigator
Anti-gravity boots Anti-Gravity Boots
Antimatter cell Antimatter Cell
Ape fur cloak Ape Fur Cloak Ape_fur_items Cloaks Reputation-altering_items Stubs
Ape fur gloves Ape Fur Gloves Ape_fur_items Gloves Reputation-altering_items Stubs
Ape fur hat Ape Fur Hat Ape_fur_items Hats Reputation-altering_items
Aphorisms about Birds AphorismsAboutBirds Books
Arc cannon Arc Cannon
Arc sconce Techlight1 Animated_Sprites Furniture Light_Sources
Archway Archway Doors Pages_with_no_description
Argyve's data disk Argyve's Data Disk Quest_Items
Ari Ari
Armchair Armchair Chairs Pages_with_no_description
Armillary sphere Orrery
Armor rack Armor Rack Chests Pages_with_no_description
Ash-stained robes Ash-Stained Robes Armor Pages_with_no_description
Ashes Ashes
Bandage Bandage Applicators Stubs
Banner of the Holy Rhombus Banner of the Holy Rhombus Banners
Barathrum clock Clockthing
Barathrumite token Barathrumite Token Pages_with_no_description Tokens
Bark armor Bark Armor Armor Pages_with_no_description
Basic toolkit Basic Toolkit Tools
Beaded bracelet Bracelet1 Bracelets Trade_Goods Wants_Alternate_Sprites
Beautiful visage BeautifulVisage
Becoming nook CyberneticsTerminal2 Furniture Stubs
Bed Bed Beds Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Bedger Bedger Beds Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Bedroll Bedroll Beds Furniture
Bell of Rest Bell of Rest
Bench Bench Chairs Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Bent metal sheet Scrap Metal Scrap
Bent surgical stent Med Scrap Electronics Scrap
Bethesda Susa recoiler Bethesda Susa Recoiler
Billowing conch of the Aji Billowing Conch of the Aji
Bio-scanning bracelet Bio-Scanning Bracelet
Biodynamic cell Biodynamic Cell
Biodynamic power plant BiodynamicPowerPlant
Bionic arm BionicArm
Bionic hands BionicHands
Bionic heart BionicHeart
Bionic liver Cyberliver
Black puma haunch Black Puma Haunch Corpses
Black robes Black Robes Armor Pages_with_no_description
Blast cannon Blast Cannon
Blaze injector BlazeTonic Tonics
Blood and Fear: On the Life Cycle of Lah BloodandFear Books
Blood-gradient hand vacuum Blood-Gradient Hand Vacuum
Bloody arrow Clue_BloodyArrow
Bloody patch of fur Clue_BloodyPatchOfFur Pages_with_no_description Quest_Items
Bloody patch of watervine Clue_BloodyWatervine Pages_with_no_description Quest_Items
Blueprints for Q Girl's climber design ClimberBlueprints Quest_Items
Blunt scalpel Med Scrap Metal Scrap
Boar-skin gloves Boar-skin gloves Gloves
Bones Bones
Book table Book Table Furniture Pages_with_no_description
Boomrose arrow Boomrose Arrow
Booster gun Boosterbot_Gun
Borderlands revolver Borderlands Revolver
Bounding boots Spring Boots
Bouquet of flowers Bouquet
Box of crayons BoxOfCrayons Trade_Goods
Brightshroom Brightshroom Animated_Sprites Fungus Light_Sources
Brinestalk Brinestalk Pages_with_no_description Plants
Brinestalk gate Gate Doors Pages_with_no_description
Broken microcontroller array Scrap 4 Scrap
Bronze battle axe Battle Axe
Bronze dagger Dagger
Bronze ingot Bronze Ingot Pages_with_no_description Trade_Goods
Bronze key Copper Trollking Key Security_Cards
Bronze long sword Long Sword
Bronze mace Mace2
Bronze short sword Short Sword
Bronze two-handed sword Two-Handed Sword
Bulging waterskin Clue_BulgingWaterskin Pages_with_no_description Quest_Items
Burnt capacitor Scrap Energy Scrap
Camel bladder Camel Bladder Liquid_Containers
Campfire Campfire Items Light_Sources Pages_with_GIFs
Campfire remains Campfire Remains Items Pages_with_no_description
Candelabra Half Candelabra Furniture Light_Sources Pages_with_no_description Wants_Animated_Sprite
Canteen Canteen Liquid_Containers Pages_with_no_description
Canvas folding chair Canvas Folding Chair Chairs Pages_with_no_description