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This template defines the table "ExtraInfo". View table.To be used only in the Extra variable in Template:Character and Template:Item.

variable possible values output
weight int Weighs {{{weight}}} lbs
aquatic yes This creature is aquatic.
isswarmer (if swarmbonus not specified) yes Swarmer: This creature receives +1 to its to-hit and penetration rolls for each other swarmer beyond the first who is adjacent to its target.
swarmbonus (and isswarmer is specified) yes Swarm Alpha: As long as this creature is adjacent to its target, it grants +{{{swarmbonus}}} to the swarm bonuses of each other swarmer who is adjacent to its target.
flyover yes Can be flown over.
solid yes/no Can/cannot be walked on/through
twohanded yes Requires two hands to wield
metal yes Made out of Metal
lightprojectile yes Light projectiles
shotcooldown dice string (ex: 1d4) Cooldown turns required between missile weapon shots
penetratingammo yes Projectile penetrates through targets
omniphaseprojectile yes Projectile is omniphase (can hit creatures regardless of phase)
cursed yes Cannot be removed once equipped
filtersgas yes Acts as a gas mask (see fitted with filters)
empsensitive yes EMP sensitive
powerloadsensitive yes Power load-sensitive
exoticfood yes Exotic food
destroyonunequip yes Destroyed when unequipped
spectacles yes Corrects vision
refractive yes Refracts light-based attacks
flashprotection yes Protects against visual flash effects
carrybonus integer +(number)% to max carry weight
savemodifier, savemodifieramt string,int (number) vs. (savemodifier)
reflect int Reflects {{{reflect}}}% of damage, rounded up
movespeedbonus int {{{movespeedbonus}}} Movespeed
isoccluding yes This object is occluding
leakswhenbroken int Leaks when broken ({{{leakswhenbroken}}}% per turn)
uniquechara yes This creature is unique
pettable yes/no This creature is/is not pettable
liquidburst liquid name Explodes into (liquid) on death
flametemperature int Bursts into flames at (number)T
bleedliquid liquid name Bleeds (liquid)
energycellrequired yes An Energy cell is required to power this item
energyammoloader yes True if this item has the EnergyAmmoLoader part (used for some mod logic)
waterritualable yes This creature can perform the Water Ritual
iscurrency yes This item has a fixed price while trading
noprone yes Cannot be knocked prone
phase out of phase, omniphase, nullphase Is (phase type)
realitydistortionbased yes Reality distortion-based
temponenter dice string {{{temponenter}}}° temperature change caused by projectile entering cell
temponhit, temponhitmax dice string {{{temponhit}}}° temperature change caused on hit (limit {{{temponhitmax}}}°)
capacitorcharge, capacitormax, capacitorrate dice string, integer, integer Has a capacitor ({{{capacitorrate}}} recharge per turn up to max {{{capacitormax}}}; starts with {{{capacitorcharge}}} charge)
chargeconsumebroadcast integer Can receive broadcast power, up to {{{chargeconsumebroadcast}}} charge per turn
chargeconsumeelectrical integer Can receive electrical grid power, up to {{{chargeconsumeelectrical}}} charge per turn
chargeconsumehydraulic integer Can receive hydraulic grid power, up to {{{chargeconsumehydraulic}}} charge per turn
chargeconsumemechanical integer Can receive mechanical power, up to {{{chargeconsumemechanical}}} charge per turn
chargeproducebroadcast boolean Produces broadcast power in its vicinity
chargeproduceelectric integer Produces {{{chargeproduceelectric}}} charge on its electrical grid per turn
chargeproducehydraulic integer Produces {{{chargeproducehydraulic}}} charge on its hydraulic grid per turn
chargeproducemechanical integer Produces {{{chargeproducemechanical}}} charge as mechanical power per turn
chargeproducesolar integer Can absorbs up to {{{chargeproducesolar}}} charge per turn from solar power
poisononhit string (string describing poison on hit effect)
mutatedplant yes (not shown in infobox, but stored in cargo as "Mutated plant" - this info is needed for conditional defoliant gas damage behavior)
animatable yes Can be animated
enclosing yes Is an enclosing object.
shrinelike yes Can be desecrated
hurtbyfungicide and hurtbydefoliant 1 or 2 Damaged normally/significantly from fungicide/defoliant
unreplicable yes Cannot be replicated by metamorphic polygel
hasmentalshield yes Has a mental shield
extrainfo any other info that does not fit


extra = {{Extra info|weight = 200 | noprone = yes | hasmentalshield = yes | bodytype = SlugWithHands}}
Extra info
Extra info:

Limbs* (SlugWithHands): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations