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Welcome to the official wiki for Caves of Qud, a Science-Fantasy Roguelike RPG developed by Freehold Games and set in the exotic, deeply-simulated, far-future world of Qud.

This wiki is run and maintained by the players, and graciously hosted by the developers. Infoboxes updated every patch.

Live and Drink, knowledge-seeker.

Latest Patch Note
Feature Friday - June 14, 2024
  • Added an additional scale option for the character sheet (Modern UI > Character sheet additional scale percentage).
  • Added an additional scale option for message log text (Modern UI > Message log line size adjustment (pt)).
  • Added support for multiple default keyboard binding sets.
  • Added a 'hjkl' keyboard binding set.
  • Added an option to disable the modern character sheet while keeping other elements of the new UI (Modern UI > Modern character sheet).
  • Added a KBM option to controller font type to force keyboard glyphs (Modern UI > Controller buttons > KBM).
  • Added an option for a compact ability bar layout (Modern UI > Ability bar mode > Compact).
  • Added a tooltip delay slider (Controls > Tooltip Delay (MS)).
  • Added explicit value display for options sliders.
  • Added an option to disable the input warning (Modern UI > Disable input warning)
  • The new trade UI now stays open with items selected when cancelling the "Offer" dialog, making the behavior between the console and new UIs the same.
  • Keyboard glyphs now show on Steam Deck if keyboard input is being issued.
  • Added a missing default keyboard keybind for wait until healed and wait menu.
  • Greatly improved the performance of the trade screen.
  • Removed the vestigial "additional user interface elements" option.
  • Removed a stray newline when completing quest steps.
  • Bep is now interesting.
  • Dawning apes now use oil as their water ritual liquid.
  • Erah now has a leather apron.
  • Frogs are no longer considered to have scales.
  • Crysteel axes now have an appropriate equipment shader.
  • Learning an item mod now gives a popup message like learning how to build an item does.
  • Removed several stair types from dynamic encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wild-eyed watervine merchant to usually be hostile toward you.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to be left with no allegiances when their mind was stranded.
  • Fixed unlocking of the 'Total Makeover' achievement.
  • Fixed reputation adjustments from mutations being skipped for determining creature attitude until a save cycle happened.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a game while inhabiting a body with no abilities.
  • Fixed a bug causing the object picker to reset to the starting selection state after interacting with an item.
  • Fixed the dynamic controller fonts.
  • Fixed a bug with focus retention when setting a primary limb.
  • Fixed a sound issue on the ability manager.
  • Fixed a bug that caused zone generation to fail after someone was exiled from Bey Lah.
  • Fixed a zone generation issue in Grit Gate and the rusted archway.
  • [modding] Fixed Object parameter of AfterAddOpinionEvent.
  • [modding] Added IScribedPart, IScribedEffect, and IScribedSystem, which allow the free addition and removal of fields without breaking save compat.
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