Mechanimist rummager

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Mechanimist rummager
Mechanimist rummager.png


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Mechnamist rummager


Mechanimists (Loved100 Reputation)



Corpse Dropped

Human corpse.pnghuman corpse (90%)

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200 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • Weighs 200 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Mechanimist rummager

This hunchback is garbed in filthy robes the color of slate. Strands of matted chin hair splay against their chapped lips as they examine a broken trinket.


The Mechanimist rummager is a Mechanimist that is most often found in Ovw bethesda susa.pngBethesda Susa. They can be found on several different levels of Bethesda Susa, but are particularly common in the wharf and the ward areas.[1]

The Mechanimist rummager is notable for the fact that they will rummage through trash and for the unique assortment of items and weaponry they may spawn with.

The game uses the following logic to add additional items to the Mechanimist rummager's inventory when it spawns:[2]

  • Up to three items from Junk 2 (25% chance each)
  • Up to three items from Junk 3 (25% chance each)
  • Up to one item from Junk 4 (5% chance)
  • A guaranteed ranged weapon, based on choosing random number from 1 to 100, as indicated in the following table:
Random number
Weapon selected
1-25 Issachar rifle.pngIssachar rifle with 6-126-12 (Avg: 9) Lead slug.pnglead slugs
26-60 Chrome revolver.pngchrome revolver with 12-1612-16 (Avg: 14) Lead slug.pnglead slugs
61-70 Semiautomatic pistol.pngsemi-automatic pistol with 12-2612-26 (Avg: 19) Lead slug.pnglead slugs
71-80 Carbine.pngcarbine with 16-2616-26 (Avg: 21) Lead slug.pnglead slugs
81 Grenade launcher.pnggrenade launcher with 3-63-6 (Avg: 4.5) High explosive grenade mk i.pnghigh explosive grenade mk I
82-83 Missile launcher.pngmissile launcher with 3-63-6 (Avg: 4.5) He missile.pngHE Missiles
84-85 Chaingun.pngchaingun with 176-196176-196 (Avg: 186) Lead slug.pnglead slugs
86-88 Flamethrower.pngflamethrower with 1-21-2 (Avg: 1.5) Oilskin.pngoilskins, each filled with 22-6422-64 (Avg: 43) drams of Oil.pngoil
89-91 Sniper rifle.pngsniper rifle with 14-1614-16 (Avg: 15) Lead slug.pnglead slugs
92-96 Chain pistol.pngchain pistol with 114-116114-116 (Avg: 115) Lead slug.pnglead slugs
97-100 Combat shotgun.pngcombat shotgun with 8-168-16 (Avg: 12) Shotgun shell.pngshotgun shells


This information is reliable as of patch
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