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[ Wiki Editors ]

Welcome to the official wiki for Caves of Qud, a Science-Fantasy Roguelike RPG developed by Freehold Games and set in the exotic, deeply-simulated, far-future world of Qud.

This wiki is run and maintained by the players, and graciously hosted by the developers. Infoboxes updated every patch.

Live and Drink, knowledge-seeker.

Latest Patch Note
Feature Friday - July 12, 2024
  • We updated some default gamepad binds.
    • Walk to edge is now Y.
    • Move to Point of Interest is now left-stick press.
    • Ability page up and down is now left trigger + dpad up and down.
    • Melee attack nearest enemy is now left bumper.
    • Zoom in and out is now left trigger + dpad left and right.
  • Added several item descriptions.
  • Added some activated ability descriptions.
  • Gave Dyvvrach an inventory so they can sell their credit wedges.
  • Jellies and oozes now have default Ego and Willpower scores of 1 instead of 0.
  • Rhinoxen now have a trio of single horns instead of a trio of double horns.
  • Changed the indefinite article for leather armor and studded leather armor.
  • Removed some tomb walls from dynamic encounters.
  • Popups aligned to mouse position are now properly clamped to the screen.
  • The Spindle channel now extends up to the z-level of Resheph's tomb.
  • Added rolling session backups when you load a save game from the main menu. These can be manually restored from the <...>/CavesOfQud/Local/Session folder.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Warden Indrix to sometimes corrupt your save game.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented save games from being loaded if the info file was corrupt.
  • Fixed incorrect damage in Shield Slam's description.
  • Fixed a bug that caused zone stratum info to occasionally appear in the names of items you've named.
  • Fixed a bug that caused tile clicks to incorrectly register on button down and when dragging.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clicking on non-active buttons to activate the selected button instead.
  • Fixed a bug in the display of keybinds in the menu bar of the keybinds screen.
  • Fixed a bug in the stat shifts of clones affecting the original object when the clones vanish.
  • [modding] Added GetLandingLocation to the ZoneManager for getting the arrival zone of a parasang.
  • [modding] The GetTransitiveLocationEvent now supports prioritization of the selected portal and destination.
  • [modding] More interface members of the Rack<T> collection are now virtual.
  • [modding] Fixed a bug that caused the AfterTravelEvent to sometimes be handled twice if the parent object moved.
— 2024-07-13 02:56:02
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