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"Compute power on the local lattice" is a resource provided by co-processors, palladium mesh tabards, wrist calcs, or palladium electrodeposits that enhances the performance of other equipment that can benefit from computing resources being placed at its disposal. Items that benefit from compute power are:

Item or behavior Feature affected
anomaly fumigator Density of normality gas
cathedra with white opal tracery Flight level, cooldown
cathedra with black opal tracery Flight level, cooldown
cathedra with ruby tracery Pyrokinesis level, flight level, cooldown
cathedra with sapphire tracery Stunning Force level, flight level, cooldown
communications interlock Rebuke level bonus
electromagnetic sensor Range
high-fidelity matter recompositer Cooldown
inflatable axons Bonus and duration
matter recompositer Cooldown
micromanipulator array Inspect and disassemble bonuses, tinker action cost
nocturnal apex Bonuses and duration
onboard recoiler Teleportation cooldown
penetrating radar Range
stasis projector Duration, cooldown, length of projected field
blood-gradient hand vacuum Ammo regeneration time
ganglionic teleprojector Chance to take effect, duration
precinct navigator Bonus levels
point-defense drone Chance to target an incoming projectile
Morphogenetic Save difficulty
Nav Bonus levels
Nulling Effect strength
Most boot sequences Time to boot

In most cases, each unit of compute power will adjust the affected numerical parameter by 1% of base value. Variations in compute power generally do not alter rules text; for example, numbers shown in the descriptions of a communications interlock or penetrating radar will not change with your compute power, but the actual performance of the device will.