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This is paid content only available to patrons.
This content can be downloaded by being a Arconaut+ tier patron of Freehold Games.
This is paid content only available to patrons.

This content can only be accessed by being a Arconaut+ tier patron of Freehold Games.

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It's you, but the shadows on your face are cast by a different sun and spire. Your weal, your woe, the totality of your actions: you've a new context for them now. Where you reach to the branch of a fruiting tree for a starapple, either likewise reaches, but what do they pull back? The answer is obscured by the umbra of a thousand timelines.


It's you, but the hue of your eyes shines by a different moon and lamp. Your judgements, your choices... were they yours at all? Where or reaches for a silhouetted space, you reach for the starapple of a fruiting tree. Your movement must be the source, you must be the agent. Yet you swear it was or who moved first.


either / or is a pet only available to patrons that consists of two halves: either, and or. They are parallel versions of the player that are slightly different. Visually, they take on the tile of the player character. If the player levels up, they will also level up regardless of how much experience they actually have. This has no meaningful effect because they are intangible and are unable to fight in battle or be damaged. either / or only affects the world when one of them achieves what is known in code as “chirality.”

When spoken to, they speak of your previous accomplishments in their respective color with the font replaced with symbols similar to Gloaming. These accomplishments do not include visiting the starting village and turning in books to Sheba Hagadias, Librarian of the Stilt. If the player has not accomplished anything yet, they say “You've done nothing.”

For technical reasons, this page title cannot include the slash. Both the names of either and or are more commonly colored compared to standard wiki guidelines to distinguish them between the normal usage of the words either and or.


Adding accomplishments to the journal (excluding discovering the starting village or turning in books) or leveling up will cause both of them to flicker. They will start to randomly wander around independently of the player for 8–20 turns. After these turns are up, one of 11 random effects will occur, each with equal probability. This effect is seeded from the total number of turns taken in game. Note that in every effect, the activated pet will disappear in a harmless puff of smoke for the zone. If the player character changes zones, they will respawn. If both are affected, they both will disappear.

Whoever triggers the effect depends on the current number of total game turns taken. If the total amount of turns is odd, it will be either. if the amount of turns is even, it will be or. If there is only one of them in the zone, it will always be the one remaining.

Possible Effects

Some effects only affects either either or or, and some requires both. If an effect is chosen and there is only one of them when the effect requires a pair, nothing will happen and they will not disappear.

Message Effect Requires both? Chance
either / or implodes. Transforms into a space-time vortex. no 9%
either / or is smeared into stone by the rasp of time. Transforms into a stone or marble statue of a random creature. no 9%
either / or crumbles into beetles. Transforms into 4-6 friendly clockwork beetles. no 9%
either / or is vacuumed to another place and time. The void that remains is filled with three important objects from one of your side lives. Transforms into 3 random objects or creatures. Creatures do not have any feelings altered, so they will be hostile if they are normally hostile to you, etc. no 9%
either / or atomizes and recombines into a (creature). Transforms into a random creature befitting of the static zone tier of the zone they are currently in. no 9%
either / or consciousness dissapates[ into furniture]. If near an animatable furniture or wall, they will disappear and have a 50% chance of each object with a maximum of 3 to become animated as if Spray-a-Brain was applied on them. If there is nothing nearby to anima, either / or will disappear with no other effects. no 9%
either / or liquifies into several pools of [liquid]. Transforms into 3 1,000 dram puddles of a random liquid. no 9%
either / or is folded a trillion times by the pressure of the nether, causing the local region of spacetime to lose contiguity. Inflicts all creatures in the zone including the player with acute blinking tic for an entire day, or 1,200 turns. Note that both either and or will explode with this option, but only either will inflict the acute blinking tic. no 9%
either / or is vectorized into a line of force. Summons a line of forcefields with the end points being either and or. This line ignores walls. yes 9%
either / or is vectorized into a line of normality. Summons a normality field with the end points being either and or. This line ignores walls. yes 9%
either / or is vectorized into a line of plants. Summons a line of plants of the same tier of the zone they're in with the end points being either and or. This line ignores walls. yes 9%

Not as a Pet

either / or is the only pet that is capable of appearing in games that do not have either / or chosen as the starting pet. As long as the mod is loaded, every dynamic encounter has a chance of spawning either or or by themselves. They cannot be beguiled or proselytized.

Because they did not start as a pet and thus a follower to the player, they will have their default humanoid faction feelings and will be hostile. However, they are still intangible and cannot actually hurt the player in any way. They will still trigger chirality as normal if the player accomplishes something or levels up on the same screen as them. Since usually only one will spawn, the effects that require both will have no effect.

Recall Story

[ Nenuphars ]

Were they always there?
As a child you would swear
that shadows stood at the edge of your sight.
And at night?
When you shouted at the Beetle Moon,
From the banks of a porcelain river strewn
with nenuphars, and someone answered,
were they dancers?
Rhythmic shades who perform the subtext of all your affairs?
Or you theirs?


Caution: This article or section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.

Chirality is defined as an object that can only look like its mirrored form if mirrored, and not through rotation and translation.

either / or's chirality only happens when an accomplishment is done, and they both mention the player's accomplishments when spoken to. This could mean that one or both has also accomplished the same thing, simulating a mirrored image of the player at that moment.