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Villages are the primary form of settlement in Caves of Qud.

Static Villages

The following villages are static and will appear in every playthrough:

Procedurally Generated Villages

In addition to static villages, each playthrough will contain the following procedurally generated villages:[1]

Procedurally Generated Village Qualities

Procedurally generated villages will have random names. They'll also have a number of creatures, typically including a village mayor, village tinker, village apothecary, village warden, and a village merchant. One random creature in the village will always be a quest-giver that provides a procedurally generated village quest. If the village is the player's starting village, there will also be a second quest-giver that provides a procedurally generated quest that will start the game's main questline.

Abandoned Villages

Procedurally generated villages have a 1 in 20 chance of generating abandoned.[2] Abandoned village factions are hidden and will not appear on the factions screen or in other in-game contexts.

Typically, an abandoned village will have no creatures present, but there are often other remnants and clues about the village's history. For example, the village clay oven might still be usable, and there could be buildings or other structures present. In some cases, there will be explicit clues as to what happened that caused the village to become abandoned.[3]

Example abandoned village monument

Village Discovery

When the player enters a village for the first time (other than their starting village), they'll gain Experience equal to 250 * ZoneTier, where ZoneTier is equal to the regional zone tier of the village's location.[4]

Other Types of Settlements

Some settlements are similar to villages in that they include many creatures, merchants, or other village-like features, but they technically are not quite the same as a village.


  • To reveal all villages in your world, you can use the villagereveal wish.


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