Primordial soup

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primordial soup
When on/in other objects/liquids:
soupy liquid
soupy object
soup-stained object
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Primordial soup is a life creating liquid found primarily in the Rainbow Wood. It is unique from other liquids in that if a different liquid comes into contact with a pool of more than 500 drams of primordial soup, it will react and form a soupy sludge. It can be wished for by wishing ProteanPuddle.

It is a possible component required for curing fungal infections.

Sources of Primordial Soup

  • Large rivers of primordial soup can be found in the Rainbow Wood.
  • The alchemist is guaranteed to sell one dram of primordial soup.
  • Neek will sell a couple phials of the liquid. This is the safest and earliest method to get primordial soup.

Forming Soupy Sludges

In order for primordial soup to form a soupy sludge:

  • There is at least one other liquid type other than primordial soup in the liquid
  • Total liquid volume (including other liquids) is 500 or greater
  • Primary liquid is primordial soup

Once these checks are all true, the soup will begin reacting to the secondary liquid. If the second liquid is already a mixture of two other liquids, it will randomly choose which one is the second liquid. In 9 to 149 turns, a soupy sludge will spawn in that cell, and use up 500 drams of the liquid in that cell. The soupy sludge will be equipped with a pseudopod related to the secondary liquid the soup reacted with. This repeats until one of the above conditions stop becoming true, in which the soup will stop reacting.

Consuming Soupy Sludge

Drinking primordial soup returns the following message:

You feel the soup slosh around your stomach.

It will satiate the imbiber by 2,000 per dram, compared to water's 10,000 per dram. This drinking also is considered forced, and will cause the creature to vomit putrescence if this causes them to go over their max water limit without warning. It cannot be cooked with.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Big pools of primordial soup can easily be frozen into shale. This will get rid of the pools and entomb any soupy sludges currently in them.