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Callings are the name given to the Mutated Human subtypes. You can choose a calling during character creation. The corresponding True Kin starting types are called Castes.

List of Callings

The following info cards show details about each starting calling that is available for a player to choose in game, including the name of each calling, along with their attribute bonuses, starting skills, and starting equipment and items.

Starts with random junk and artifacts
In Inventory:
+200 reputation with the Issachari tribe
Starts with a recycling suit
+100 reputation with the Barathrumites
In Inventory:
Begins with a number of random artifacts and scrap
Water Merchant
+2 Ego
+200 reputation with water barons
Starts with trade goods
Allowed entrance to many settlements for purposes of trade[1]
Watervine Farmer
+100 reputation with the villagers of Joppa
Starts with random cooking ingredients


  1. This perk is not fully implemented.