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Caves of Qud has several damage types:

  • Physical damage, typically caused by melee or ranged weapons.
  • Elemental damage, caused by mutation abilities, weapon mods, or other special effects.
  • Mental damage, caused by Sunder Mind and other psychic abilities.
  • Stat damage, caused by stat saps or other similar effects.
  • Other special damage, such as force damage, poison, or cosmic damage.

Primary Elements

There are four elemental damage types: Heat, Cold, Acid, and Electrical.

Resistances to these damage types are statistics ranging from 0-100 which are (for the player character) shown in the character sheet. Directly, these resistances reduce the amount of damage taken from attacks of that damage type by a percentage corresponding to that resistance’s score. (So, a creature with 50 Heat resistance would take half damage from heat damage.) A resistance of 100 grants complete immunity to damage of that type.

Additionally, Heat and Cold resistance grant a resistance to forced temperature changes which would push a creature further from the 25-50T “normal” temperature range. This temperature change resistance is proportional to the resistance score in the same way that the damage resistance is.


Heat damage relates to high temperature and can eventually cause various effect ranging from Flaming to Vaporization. Various weapons, mutations, and mods can cause direct damage and increase temperature. There are no locations with hot ambient temperature. Creatures killed by heat damage will leave a pile of ashes behind, and will not generate a corpse.


Cold Damage relates to low temperature and can eventually cause various effects ranging from a loss of Quickness to Freezing. Various weapons, mutations, and mods can cause direct damage and decrease temperature. Bethesda Susa is the only location that has cold ambient temperature. Cold resistance also affects the minimum temperature you can be before being affected by it.


Acid Damage is rather common despite being the only element that is not available as a weapon mod. Acid damage can be caused by stepping in acid pools, standing in corrosive gas, or getting hit by natural acid melee attacks. Acid resistance also does not prevent liquid acid from damaging your equipment.


Electrical Damage is a rarer damage type, but the creatures and hazards that cause it can heavily punish players who don't have countermeasures like rubbergum injectors or equipment that grants electricity resistance. Thankfully, most sources of electricity damage have short range.

Special Elements

Generally unlisted element that have its own hidden resistance stats


Mental damage, instead of using AV and DV to calculate its penetration, it instead uses MA which stands for "Mental Armor". It is inflicted by psionic weapons, the mental abilities Sunder Mind, Beguiling, Confusion, Domination, and being inflicted with shame from being Berated. Terrified creatures who have a mental shield are immune to mental damage.


Light damage comes from the Light Manipulation mental mutation and laser weapons. It can be reflected by refractive gear, Light Manipulation, or glitter dust. Some creatures can naturally reflect it, like the quartziferous mirror.


Poison deals damage over time.


Bleeding deals damage over time. It can be cured by waiting, by using bandages, Staunch Wounds, an ubernostrum injector, resting in a hyperbiotic bed, spending time in a regeneration tank, or by eating an arsplice seed.

Irresistable Damage Types

These damage types cannot be resisted by any means. Depending on the damage source, they may only be allowed to penetrate once. All of these must resepct phase.


Explosive damage always ignores both DV and AV, but can be blocked by walls.


Vibro damage instead uses the target's AV as it's penetration value. As such, they rarely ever penetrate more than thrice (four times if using Sharp mod)


Disintegration or Disintegrate damage, unlike the mutation Disintegration, does not have any special properties other than it is unable to be resisted. Projectiles with this property are considered to be made out of energy by the point-defense drone, and thus will not be intercepted by it.


Astral damage & abilities link to being neutralized by normality gas and ontological anchors.


Unique elemental damage modifier used by Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path.


Unique elemental damage modifier used by chrome pyramids