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green jell
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Green Goo


oozes (Loved100 Reputation)





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450 XP

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Limbs* (Ooze): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
green jell

This animate sac of green goo rolls along the floor. Through the thin membrane that keeps it from spilling out of itself you spot a shoal of eels swimming about.


A green jell is a creature belonging to the oozes faction. It can be found in Ovw golgotha.pngGolgotha.

Green jells attack in melee with their \gooey pseudopod, a cudgel weapon that deals ♥2d22-4 (Avg: 3) damage, and has a penetration value that depends on the particular green jell's Strength modifier. Green jells also possess 3 other "pseudopods", which are equivalent to bare \fists.[1]

When a green jell hits a creature with their gooey pseudopod, there is a 25% chance the creature is forced to make a Toughness save of difficulty 20. If they fail, they will be inflicted with the poisoned status effect, which will deal ♥3d33-9 (Avg: 6)/2 damage every round for 3d33-9 (Avg: 6) rounds.[2]

When a green jell dies, it explodes into several pools of Green goo.pnggreen goo. Each tile adjacent to the green jell, including the tile it was occupying, will have an 80% chance of being filled with a pool, with each pool having a volume of 1d250+250251-500 (Avg: 375.5) drams. Each pool will also have a 25% chance of containing a hidden Sewage eel.pngsewage eel.[3]

Being oozes, green jells lack a mind and thus are immune to abilities and effects that target the mind of a creature, such as Sunder Mind.[4] Additionally, green jells cannot slip on slippery liquids such as Slime.pngslime, or become stuck in sticky liquids such as Asphalt.pngasphalt. Finally, green jells bleed slime instead of Blood.pngblood, and cannot be knocked prone.[5]


This information is reliable as of patch
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