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soupy sludge

Quickened to life, or something akin to life, by the ionic exchange between an ultra-reactive primordial soup and its liquid cousin, the sludge repeats a process played out on trillions of star-orbiting world-rocks.


A soupy sludge is a low level ooze. They mainly appear in the Rainbow Wood if a liquid interacts with 500 or more drams of primordial soup. If spawned from primordial soup, the sludge has a special ability to absorb liquids on the ground to rapidly gain level, stats, and status inflicting attacks.[1] Because soupy sludges have no other unique features if they do not spawn from this soup, the rest of this article will assume that the sludge was spawned from it.

Sludges that emerge from the primordial soup will also gain a liquid spitting ability, similar to but not the same as Slog of the Cloaca's spitting ability. This has a range of 8 tiles and will spit a liquid in a 3x3 area. The liquid has a 20% chance of being the first liquid that the sludge has absorbed (unless it is cloning draught, brain brine, or sunslag) in which case fresh water will also be included, making them spit dilute cloning draught or dilute brain brine instead); otherwise, it will be a combination of all absorbed liquids. These liquids are not considered poured and thus do not become salty when spawned unless one of the liquids absorbed was salt.

soupy sludges start with 4 pseudopods, cudgel weapons that do ♥4d44-16 (Avg: 10) damage and have a +6 to-hit bonus, but can grow more as more liquids are absorbed. Each of a soupy sludge's pseudopods have a 100% chance to attack in melee, meaning it will attack with all of its pseudopods at once when making a melee attack. This, combined with the cudgel's ability to daze, can cause a creature to become stunlocked.


This section is an excerpt from Primordial soup#Forming Soupy Sludges.

In order for primordial soup to form a soupy sludge:

  • There is at least one other liquid type other than primordial soup in the liquid
  • Total liquid volume (including other liquids) is 500 or greater
  • Primary liquid is primordial soup

Once these checks are all true, the soup will begin reacting to the secondary liquid. If the second liquid is already a mixture of two other liquids, it will randomly choose which one is the second liquid. In 9 to 149 turns, a soupy sludge will spawn in that cell, and use up 500 drams of the liquid in that cell. The soupy sludge will be equipped with a pseudopod related to the secondary liquid the soup reacted with. This repeats until one of the above conditions stop becoming true, in which the soup will stop reacting.


Depending on the number of liquids a sludge has absorbed, the name of the sludge will change. This is in addition to the liquid stained prefixes that the sludge will have. This rename will overwrite custom names if the soupy sludge was renamed. Note that a sludge can only absorb a maximum of 25 liquids: neutron flux and primordial soup are unabsorbable, the former because it explodes if it exists on the ground. Cloning draught cannot be absorbed unless it is the first liquid a sludge has absorbed.

# Liquids Name Quickness Hitpoints Level # of "Hands"
1 mono- 50  95 21 4
2 di- 60  115 24 4
3 tri- 70  135 27 4
4 tetra- 80  155 30 4
5 penta- 90  175 33 6
6 hexa- 100  195 36 6
7 hepta- 110  215 39 8
8 octa- 120  235 42 8
9 ennea- 130  255 45 10
10 deca- 140  275 48 10
11 hendeca- 150  295 51 12
12 dodeca- 160  315 54 12
13 triskaideca- 170  335 57 14
14 tetrakaideca- 180  355 60 14
15 pentakaideca- 190  375 63 16
16 hexakaideca- 200  395 66 16
17 heptakaideca- 210  415 69 18
18 octakaideca- 220  435 72 18
19 enneakaideca- 230  455 75 20
20 icosa- 240  475 78 20
21+ poly- 250  495 81 22

Absorbing liquids

soupy sludges will absorb most liquids that they step into. Being covered in or having liquid poured on them does not let them absorb the liquid. The chosen liquid will be the most abundant type in that liquid volume. If it was already absorbed or the primary liquid is primordial soup or cloning draught, the secondary liquid will be chosen to be absorbed. For each new liquid absorbed:

  • They gain 10 QN
  • They gain 20 max HP
  • They gain 3 Levels
  • Their name will be updated
  • They will be given a new pseudopod based on the liquid absorbed, which they will equip in one of their "hands" (also called pseudopods). If they don't have any more free "hands", they will grow two new ones and equip the new pseudopod on one of them.
  • That liquid will be added to the liquid the sludge will spit (unless it is cloning draught, in which is it replaced with only fresh water)
  • If it is a pentasludge or greater, "You witnessed the rare formation of [sludge name]" is added into your Journal.[2]

Pseudopod types

Each pseudopod deals  4d44-16 (Avg: 10) damage and has a +6 to hit. The only difference is the effect that they have.

Liquid Name Effect
 acid  acidic pseudopod +100 acid resistance,  20-30 additional acid damage.
 algae  algal pseudopod Summons plants per Burgeoning level 4-64-6 (Avg: 5).
 asphalt  tarry pseudopod Inflicts stuck at difficulty 15 for 5 turns.
 black ooze  oozing pseudopod Inflicts stiff legs on even strata and sore throat on odd strata.
 blood  bloody pseudopod Drains 15-20 HP on hit.
 brain brine  nervous pseudopod Level 10 confuse (-10 MA and DV, -12 Willpower, Intelligence, Ego) for 10-15 turns, willpower save difficulty 25.
 brown sludge  sludgy pseudopod 15% chance to rust a random piece of equipment or item on hit.
 cider  spiced pseudopod Forces 4 drinks of cider (this will confuse the victim for 5d55-25 (Avg: 15) turns if their Toughness modifier is 1 or less, but future hits within 80 turns confuse those with a toughness modifier or 3 or less, then 5 or less, etc.)
 cloning draught  homogenized pseudopod Applies Budding, with a 33% chance for the sludge to destabilize and destroy itself.
 convalessence  luminous pseudopod Heals 15-25 HP and apply -20 to -30T on hit.
 gel  unctuous pseudopod 100% disarm on hit.
 green goo  gooey pseudopod Poison on hit.
 honey  honeyed pseudopod Inflicts stuck at difficulty 15 for 5 turns.
 ink  inky pseudopod 100% disarm on hit.
 lava  magmatic pseudopod +100 heat resistance, +350-400T on hit, 20-30 additional fire damage, becomes a Lava Sludge (see below for clarification).
 molten wax  waxen pseudopod Inflicts stuck at difficulty 15, +50-60T on hit.
 neutron flux  neutronic pseudopod Neutronic explosion on hit (only possible on sludges encountered in the world rather than spawned from soup).
 oil  oily pseudopod 100% disarm on hit.
 putrescence  putrid pseudopod Forces target to vomit on their turn.
 salt  salty pseudopod Desiccates target (set thirst to 0) .
 sap  sugary pseudopod Inflicts stuck with difficulty 15 for 5 turns.
 slime  slimy pseudopod 100% disarm on hit.
 sunslag  radiant pseudopod +20 quickness (on top of the bonus for gaining a liquid) and causes the sludge to emit light in a radius of 6. No effect on targets.
 warm static \entropic pseudopod Inflict random effect on hit.
 water  watery pseudopod Forces the target to gain 60,000 thirst. This will force them to spend a turn vomiting, if they are not amphibious.
 wine  lush pseudopod Forces 4 drinks of wine (this will confuse the victim for 5d55-25 (Avg: 15) turns if their Toughness modifier is 1 or less, but future hits within 80 turns confuse those with a toughness modifier or 3 or less, then 5 or less, etc.)

Lava Sludges

Lava sludges are soupy sludges that have absorbed lava. They start with a temperature of 1,000T. If they end the turn below their flaming temperature (350T), they will cool into  shale. This counts as instant death.[3]


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • They are among the easiest companions to proselytize because of the low level and willpower of a monosludge, and they will remain proselytized even if they gain levels far above the player. However, only their level, HP, and damage improve by adding liquids. They have no DV or AV to speak of, and must be provided by worn gear.
  • Pouring liquids cause them to become salty, so letting them absorb salt first may be a good idea just in case the sludge absorbs the salt instead of your intended liquid. That, or use your most valuable liquid as the initial catalyst to avoid salt contamination.
  • Giving them acid pseudopods may provide harmful due to acid possibly harming gear and items. This effect can be lessened if the player has perfect acid resist and/or no feet like after eating the Cloaca Surprise or has Lacquered all of their gear.
  • Disabling their liquid spitting ability can be useful to prevent them from contaminating areas with potentially dangerous liquids, such as acid or black ooze.
  • If all their "hand" slots are full when gaining a new liquid, they will add two new "hand" slots and equip the new liquid's pseudopod in one of them. This can be exploited by giving them several melee weapons as a low-level sludge so they fill up their "hand" slots. If this is done with a monosludge immediately upon proselytization, the companion sludge will be able to equip as many melee weapons as it has liquids.


This information is reliable as of patch
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